The Lead Paint Trial

The Lead Paint Trial

If you haven’t heard about this trial, I don’t blame you. Everything on the TV is about royal babies and  a teenager in a hoodie. Basically, a few paint companies are on trial for knowingly having lead in their paint, because it’s cheaper, right? That’s always a good reason to poison children. For the purpose of this post, I’m going to assume they are found guilty. Then I’m going to say what I think should happen to them, but it won’t I’m sure.

If it can be proved, beyond a doubt, that they actually did this, then I most honestly think that they should be given the death penalty. The ones who knew about it, who knowingly let so many children in our country suffer. They should be tried, individually, for each and every child they poisoned, and the sentence should be given for each and every one of those crimes, until they accumulate to life sentences. Personally, I think that that should mean a death penalty.

The stupidity of our system baffles me. To think that murderers get off with only a few dozen years in prison, but most especially, to think that these murderers will probably get off with a little pay out done by their company. What kind of crap is that? Murder is murder. Poisoning is poising. Eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth. We need to stop being chickens about it. We need to give up these technicalities, these whims to the rich. You poison children, you can get poison back. In the form of lethal injection. If the CEO of Sherman-Williams, assuming he has adequate responsibility for what happened is reading this, let him know that I think he should be done away due process of law. I am against vigilante justice to be certain, but the law really needs to step up to the plate of justice. Mercy is fine too, but I’d rather mercy on the side of poisoned children then on the side of murderers.

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