Can’t Catch me, I’m the George Zimmerman!

Can’t Catch me, I’m the George Zimmerman!

What I say here might sound controversial (but nowhere near as controversial as stuff I may say later), but I hope you can get past emotions and see what I am actually trying to say.I recommend you read my last post on the Zimmerman Trial before reading this one.

What our justice system decided was that Zimmerman was innocent: of all charges. You can protest it all you want, but that was the verdict the jury decided. The jury that sat there for weeks on end, and debated for hours on end, and arrived at a conclusion, unanimously. Death threats do nothing. Torturing a man for the rest of his life – a man who has been declared free by the people who really know what happened – is horrendous. We can protest the verdict all we want, but we cannot change it. To take justice into our own hands is like giving a gun to a child: crazy.

Just as I sympathize with the family of Trayvon Martin, who has handled this situation with an incredible amount of tact and dignity, I sympathize with the family of George Zimmerman: a family that most surely thinks their relative is innocent (whether or not he is…). To torture a man for his entire life based upon your preconceptions is ludicrous. To do so is to dishonor the name of Trayvon Martin. How we act based on what has happened must be done in remembrance of who it happened to. Should we want justice, we must fight the laws that refuse to deliver it. We cannot end justice in the name of justice.

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