The Forgotten War

This war is so rarely covered in American media, so oft forgotten, so oft ignored. This war has been going on for decades, but America has hardly an idea. This war has slaughtered tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, displacing all the many more. It has ruined the lives of so many individuals as it has destroyed the economies of entire nations. And it is a growing, moving, reforming, evolving movement that knows brutality works. The warmongers behind it all are more powerful than Elizabeth, more brutal than Al Qaeda, more secretive than North Korea. And no one knows it. Who are they? Where are they? Right beneath our feet.

It is El Cartel. A silent killer we only hear about in the back of our heads. It is a number of groups so rooted in the Western Hemispheric society that every high school kid knows someone who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who knows the Cartel…. And yet the news from abroad doesn’t get to the high schools, only the products. The cartels of Mexico and below fight the civilians of Colombia as much as the army of Mexico, as much as other Cartels with no care for who is in the crossfire. And yet we hardly hear of it, if ever at all.

Twenty seven thousand died last year. Those are government statistics, and we know how lenient they are. Twenty seven thousand people who will never see the face of this Earth again. Twenty seven thousand dead right beneath our feet, and we talk about Syria on the other side of the world. It is not that we should forget Syria, but remember Mexico. Twenty seven thousand are dead with the number only rising, and there is hardly a whisper. Twenty seven thousand dead, and we literally have no idea.

I did not know that was the number. It was mentioned by a friend. I did not know the impact the Cartels of Mexico have on Mexico. Or perhaps I did know… in the back of my head, oft forgotten. But it is time to know. It is time to learn. It is time to act, and it has been time for so long.

How do we fix it? How do we stop it? How do we deal with multi billionaires that hire 14 year old assassins? I have no idea. Perhaps no one does. Twenty seven thousand dead, so oft forgotten. I will talk about this, more and more, because this issue isn’t going anywhere. It is only growing. This issue isn’t just a problem of the Americas. It is a global issue, bred by a culture tolerant of drugs and ignorant of sellers. The root sellers. We must get to the problem, the root problem. Clearly the people that are dealing with it now haven’t gotten there. I know little, as most everyone, but I do know this: that twenty seven thousand are dead, so oft forgotten….

And it is only getting worse.

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