Creation Out of Nothing

Don’t quote me saying I agree with “everything”, but it is interesting. Once again, The Ethical Warrior makes a brilliant post.

The Ethical Warrior

Christianity didn’t start out the way that most Christians practice it today.  Some of the church dogma is hardly even recognizable, if at all, in the Bible.  Take Original Sin, for example.

If it was in the Old Testament, it would by necessity have to be part of Jewish religious thought.  However, one rabbi summed up Judaism’s rejection of Original Sin this way, “The term ‘original sin’ is unknown to the Jewish Scriptures, and the Church’s teachings on this doctrine are antithetical to the core principles of the Torah and its prophets.”  By Jewish Scriptures, he meant the Old Testament, of course.  So how exactly, did the Church get there?

The road to Original Sin is a fascinating story.  It all started with the Greek philosopher Epicurus who created the well-known logic problem with respect to  evil and where it came from (for a comprehensive discussion of Epicurus and his…

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