The Charlie Foxtrot Government

My grandfather came to this country as an immigrant. He spent several years in the educational system before moving forward into the American workforce. He came to this country seeking opportunities and he found them. He worked as an accountant and later an entrepreneur. He took the opportunities he had and used them to provide for my family.

America is seen to many as the land of opportunity. It has tendrils of influence across the globe reaching every continent and almost every country in the world. It is a economic and military force that isn’t easily controlled. It has the most complex intelligence network across the globe. Imagine the sheer complexity of this. The hub of communications, trade, globalization, culture, and the world centralized to one country. Of course, Europe, Asia, and Africa do heavily impact the world – they’re part of it – but when you look at the world from who has the most control over the world – the United States is the answer.

So much power for one country. So much control of the economic structure of the world. Imagine the pressure the House of Representatives must be in right now with the threat of defaulting. So much control over data in the world. Imagine the pressure on the NSA now that they are being exposed. Imagine the pressure on every decision the government makes.

Lets take a look at how the government responds. The House of Representatives are still arguing about a bill that was passed years before. The American People approved of it. The system is flawed and we have politicians that don’t care about what the people say, so they’re going to keep arguing until the very last second. The pressure will be too great and will force their hand. Either that or the debt defaults. Its their choice, either they end their charlie foxtrot arguments or the economy ends up in a charlie foxtrot. How about the NSA?

(Just a side note: I love talking about the NSA. It really gets me going. So I’ll try to keep myself from saying too much. I’ll talk more about the NSA in another post.) The NSA keeps “protecting the country” by reading your emails because you’re a terrorist. And of course since the media is a giant charlie foxtrot, the NSA barely gets any attention anymore. So now they have even more data about what type of porn you like. Isn’t that wonderful?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the charlie foxtrot government we have today. The land of opportunity that was once what this country could be is now the land of invasion, despair, and disaster for everyone.

Nero Lucifero

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