100th post.

wolrd mapIf there’s any WordPress staff that ever reads this, I despise your Mercator map!

We’d like to thank you all for a memorable three and a half months. It’s been short, but in that time we’ve tried to pump out articles near everyday. It’s been harder since the summer ended, but we’ll stick to our guns and not let you down.

From religious showdowns to discussions on cartography, we’ve enjoyed the out pour of thought and dialogue. And we don’t intend on stopping anytime soon. Expect good quotes, smart recommendations, quality re-blogs, and original thought for years to come. There is no end in mind, there is no ultimate goal. We will post, as much as possible, as quick as possible, and see how things go, day to day, month to month, year to year.

Cheers to our viewers from Pakistan, South Africa, the United States, and others. We welcome your criticism and your praise, as always. Here’s to hundreds more.

Lux Ferous

Nero Lucifero

November 2013

P.S. There’s an updated about page, cleaned up and ambiguous. Enjoy. And remember, we know nothing.

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