Cloud Atlas (Part 1): Our Legacy!

Cloud Atlas

I recently saw the movie Cloud Atlas and I was truly astonished and inspired by it. And I highly recommend it. It made me think about my actions, how I have the power to influence the future, and how I have been influenced by the past. Every action I do is so small. Anytime I spend time with my friends and family, I become a part of the lives of only a small fraction of our world of seven billion. Only about 0.0000004% of the world has been influenced by me in some significant way. I imagine this number will increase to about 0.0000012% in the next few years, but only time will tell. I want to do something, I want to be part of something greater than myself, and I want to leave a legacy. But after countless hours of thought, I think it is sadly unlikely that I will be known to my generation; however just like Son-mi 451, I have the potential to be remembered in the future. I have the potential to leave a legacy that will change and inspire future generations. I hope one day to have children, to write a book, and to do something with my life. Every single one of these actions that we commit ourselves to is one that will have an impact on the future. Every small thing we do adds up. My children may never remember my name, but they may read my book. My children may never know of my existence, but their existence and their lives will be my legacy. And that, I think, will be enough.

I would like to ask two things of you: Appreciate the past, and every human being that came before you. Without your past you would not be here today. And imagine how their lives, which were so long ago, have led to yours, and yours, which is right now, will lead to so much more.

“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future” (Cloud Atlas Book).

Stay tuned for part two and thanks for reading! Please post any comments you may have on my thoughts, my writing style, or anything relevant!

Nero Lucifero

One thought on “Cloud Atlas (Part 1): Our Legacy!

  1. It is the desire of almost every thing with a functional mind to leave a legacy because people (and even animals) have a natural desire to be at least leave their imprint on the world. After all, life is just a blip in the life of this world and even less so in the grand scheme of things. Thus, because time is so short, the person (or animal) seeks the pleasure to know that something came of life.

    This, this brings up the issue of children. Children are almost legacies in themselves., being almost a guaranteed way to ensure the survival of not only one’s family, but also a chance to make an even larger impact on the world. Even the changes brought about by revolutionary scientists and inventors would not have been possible if their parents never brought them into the world to let them have a shot at establishing their own legacies, and in this process, the parents, having brought such children into the world, can claim a greater legacy for themselves even if they had nothing to do with the merits incurred by the children.

    Thus, bringing in a child is not a selfish act in any way, Instead, it ensures the continuation of life cycles that are so vital to the survival of a species and allows a person a chance to establish a greater legacy.


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