I had a high school teacher who once explained why the Dao de Jing was dumb. On top of violating every religious freedom act there probably ever was, I don’t think he actually read it. Not like I have: but I don’t call it dumb. Instead, I call it “interesting”.

I suggested a book to someone once who, after skipping to one of the later chapters called the book dumb within three minutes of skimming. I’m not entirely sure how you can blanket a book as dumb in three minutes. Or maybe I’m not intelligent enough.

Another time, I suggested someone actually educate himself by reading the Bible (even if just a snippet). On top of blanketing all scriptures as “dumb and boring” (keep in mind he had never read at that point any non-Indian prayer-text scripture), he read the first page of Genesis and called the Bible dumb.  He didn’t read anymore: there are far more important things to do in life then learn from dissenting views.

I confess to the same. I started reading the introduction to Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design and called it dumb in the first few sentences. He said (I quote), “philosophy is dead”. I think that statement is dumb, but is the book? Or maybe I’m the dumb one. No, I can’t be. If I were, my ego would be hurt.

Some people call human evolution dumb because their “great grandfather wasn’t a monkey”. That’s a pretty dumb reason. Why that mentality? Because they think they’re right and wouldn’t want to have it otherwise. After all, it’d hurt their ego.

Think about political science. Why is Samuel Huntington dumb? Because I don’t like what he has to say and frankly don’t want to learn what he has to say. Why is Francis Fukuyama dumb? Same reason .

Read about the world, think about the world, and don’t call anything dumb until you learn about it. If you do otherwise, you’re pretty dumb.

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