Where Do You Comment?

When should people respond and not respond to virtual messages? Perhaps it depends on the medium: Facebook tells one when the message is read, while text messaging doesn’t. It seems rather impolite, in my book, to say “goodnight” over Facebook to which the person addressed does not respond.

Now, Lesley’s post has nothing to do with that except the word “Facebook”. But it’s a good article indeed.

The Accidental Theologist

I guess you’d call this a meta post.

Whenever I write something here on The Accidental Theologist, I click the Facebook button at the bottom and — voilà! — it appears as a linked post on my Facebook page. And thus on the walls of Facebook friends.

This is kind of magical, but here’s what’s puzzling me:  Over the past year or two, the Facebook link has been getting far more comments than the blog itself.  Often, the conversation I’m hoping for happens ‘there’ rather than where I’m writing right now, which is ‘here’ (all use of ‘here’ and ‘there’ being absurd, of course, in cyberspace).

This is fine by me.  Any way it happens is good.  But in my tech-dumb kind of way, I’m trying to figure out the why of it — the dynamics of it, both tech and human.  Here’s six possibilities, which may or may…

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