What’s up with “A Reason for God”?


I made a post called “The Reason for God“, reviewing a book written by Timothy Keller. I didn’t think much of the post, and I don’t think there was anything all too brilliant about it. Granted, there were a few comments, but nothing major. For some reason though, this post has gotten a helluva lot of traffic:

In the months we’ve been blogging, this has been the most famous post of all time, not including the home page. It’s had 181 views (our home page has had 676), and even weirder, most of those views are recent. Compare it to the second most famous post of all time, “Why I am not a Christian.” This was a long post, pretty in depth, and had lots of comments. But it only received traffic for a small window of time – especially when Arkenaten reblogged it and I posted on Hakeem Muhammad. Check out it’s traffic, and compare:


What’s up with this? It doesn’t make any sense. Not that we’re complaining, but it’s weird. The amount of traffic it gets, going from 26 views in July to 63 views in October (and we’re only half done with this month) is a strange progression. Arkenaten, cducey, White Pearl, do you guys have any thoughts? I’ve looked through my search references and such, and I can’t find any clues to why this is going on. Perhaps it’s just that good of a post after all. Cheers.