It’s not difficult to make up a deep sounding quote. Try my formula.

1)      Pick five words of a similar theme (insight, positivity, cynicism…)

2)      Use three to four to make three noteworthy sentences

3)      Modify and pick your favorite


I’ll try a few test cases, and I promise to use the first five words I think of:


Thought Action Love Belief Inspiration

“I believe love is an action”

“Lovely thoughts serve as inspiring beliefs”

“Inspiring belief is an act of love”

My quote: “love is an action”


Death Despair Cynicism Raven Glum

“The Raven is only dead so long as it despaired”

“Death is in the glum hands of the cynic”

“Cynicism is despairing for glumness to end and death to disappear”

My quote: “Death is the hand of cynics”


Analysis Critical Deep Investigative Attitude

“Analyze, investigate, deeply and critically. That is an attitude.”

“To be critical is to be analytical, and to be analytical is to think deeply.”

“Be deep and critical and always have an attitude.”

My quote: “Be deep. Be critical. And don’t appreciate anyone’s attitude.”


Try it yourself, and you’ll be rhetorician in no time!



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